If any of these sound like your relationship…

  • You and your partner don’t communicate honestly and with respect (or you hardly communicate at all)
  • You or your partner have had a betrayal of trust
  • You live like roommates rather than mates
  • You feel isolated and alone
  • You are together only because of your children
  • You have let in-laws or other family members interfere with your relationship
  • You both genuinely want to improve your relationship

…then couples counseling can help.

It is unfortunate that many couples wait until things have gotten really bad between them before trying to get help. Don’t wait, hoping things will somehow get better.

Whether aimed at addressing small issues or dealing with potentially relationship-breaking challenges, therapy can help you each feel valued, heard, and connected.

Couples therapy helps you and your partner express your relationship needs, worries, or conflicts in a neutral and comfortable setting.  I help you hear—and feel heard by—each other, and with the right tools, you can move through your issues and establish a stronger connection with your partner. Problems become manageable, openness increases, and mature communication paves the way for a calmer, happier relationship and the healthiest way forward. If you would like me to show you how counseling could create lasting, positive change for you and your partner, please contact me today (text, phone, or email).